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Bamboo Film Faced Plywood

Plywood panel Model: 1220mm * 2440mm
Used in outdoor, construction and other aspects, the main material bamboo plastic sheet

Product Details

Plywood and glue are joined. It is covered with phenolic glue on both sides and the edges are coated with a waterproof and waterproof coating. Plywood is mainly used for concrete formwork, building materials, high-quality construction and so on.

 bamboo film faced plywood manufacturer




1. The panel should be stored in a dry place and placed on a horizontal beam.

2. Handle the panel carefully to avoid damage to the surface and edges.

3. Use appropriate tools to cut and drill the panel to avoid damaging the panel surface.

4. After cutting and/or drilling, the fresh surface is sealed with a waterproof coating.

5. Before using the panel, the panel should be removed more easily using the baffle oil.

6. When constructing the formwork structure, it is recommended to use specially designed mounting components.

china bamboo film faced plywood


bamboo film faced plywood

Structural body

Poplar/Hardwood veneer + Bamboo + Poplar/Hardwood veneer

Panel size

1220x2440mm (4'x8') or cutting size according to customer requirements 



Thickness tolerance

+/-1 mm - + / - 0.5 mm

Template color

Mirror black, brown, red (or printed with a request sign)

Main components



WBP Phenolic resin

Moisture content



860-1000 kg/m3

Repeated use

5-15 times


Construction of bridges, buildings, tunnels, etc.

Shandong Jitong Formwork Co.,Ltd. 

Our advantage:

1. High-strength phenolic adhesive, no layering

2. Waterproof, wear-resistant, crack resistance

3. Carefully selected materials, high performance and durability.

4. Quality, safety and environmental protection

5. Non-slip, easy to cut, is conducive to construction.

6. Hard plastic covers each side, waterproof and moisture proof,

7. Special surface composite materials, no need for brush release agent, easy mold release. The concrete surface is smooth and perfect.

We have advanced production equipment, professional quality control system and sufficient inventory to meet your requirements for quality and delivery.


Our packaging:


1. Strong and high pallets to avoid damage to the forklift

2. The inner plastic film prevents moisture

3. Outside the carton or plywood to prevent scratches, outside the steel belt.

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