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Bamboo Plywood

Bamboo Plywood is made of bamboo processing materials - bamboo yellow enamel, laminated by medium yellow crepe, inner yellow curtain hanging, warp and weft textile, mat interlaced, high temperature and high pressure (130℃, 3 ~ 4Mpa), thermosetting gluing and other processes Made. It is a building material with high-pressure blanks made of bamboo material as the main structure and filling material.
Due to the high hardness, flexural resistance and compression resistance of bamboo rubber sheets, steel templates have been replaced in many areas of use. Because bamboo is easy to cultivate, forests with fast forests can be cut down in three to five years and can replace wood. Therefore, the policy of the Ministry of Forestry supports the development of wood-based panels with bamboo as the main processing material, which has been replaced in many places. Use of wood-based panels.
Bamboo Plywood is versatile and suitable for horizontal formwork, shear walls, vertical wall panels, bridges, viaducts, dams, tunnel subways and beam pile formwork in building construction. It is also widely used in various containers, crates, cars and trains. Floor, household floor, indoor ceiling, door panel, furniture, etc.
In the construction of the project, before casting the concrete members, the model conforming to the drawings shall be made according to the shape and size of the components specified in the design drawings. The material surrounding the model is the template. The popular template is to make a mold. Poured in and made into components.
The general template is divided into a steel template, a wood template, and a composite wood template. Generally, wood templates are made according to the size of the components, and there is no fixed specification. The bamboo glue board is also used as a template, and the surface of the component is smooth and flat, which can save the plastering process. Steel stencils are usually of a fixed size.
Bamboo rubber board use range: This bamboo plywood formwork is very suitable for horizontal formwork, shear wall, vertical wall board, viaduct, overpass, dam, tunnel and beam and column formwork.
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